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stacyPoint and Click, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the advent of PCs first being rolled out to employees’ desks. We have been servicing the tri-state area for over 22 years and we provide IT services second to none. Our mission is to help businesses of any size in any industry obtain a favorable return on their technology investments. Since our inception, we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that allow our clients to thrive and never be limited by their technology. Every member of our staff enjoys their work and takes pride in their accomplishments. We promote a “customer first” attitude that translates into client satisfaction over and above their expectations.

We tailor our support services, network management, security monitoring and our service reporting to expressly meet your specific needs. Whether you have one stand-alone computer in a remote location or a network of 50 computers, we have the skilled technicians to install, upgrade and maintain your systems.

Our Services

Cloud Server Hosting and Company Virtualization
One of the growing trends in the IT sector is moving away from physical hardware and equipment and moving much of computing power to the cloud. Point & Click is a leader in designing and implementing Cloud Environments.
Computer Training Classes for both Commercial Programs and Proprietary Programs
In 1995 when Point & Click was founded, PCs were just being rolled onto each employees’ desk, but no one really understood how to use this new piece of equipment. Fast forward 20 years and Point & Click has rolled out training programs for hundreds of companies and thousands of end users in various industries. We have training programs from the most basic computer operations and the Microsoft Office suite to custom built proprietary web based e-learning. If your company has a training need, our design team can build a training program for you.
Data Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
What does a company do if there is a disaster and they need to continue their business but there network and computers have been affected by a flood, fire, storm or other natural disaster? Let us help design a plan to keep your business operating in the event your network and computers cannot operate.
Database Application Design and Hosting
One of the crown jewels of Point & Click is there 20 plus years’ experience in database application and design. If your business needs a custom built application, the Point & Click development team can custom design and build applications that will save you time and run your business more efficiently than ever before.
Email System Setup and Hosting
Every company “lives and dies” by communication and email is the backbone of business operations. Don’t settle for less than the best. Point & Click can evaluate your business structure and needs, then recommend, design and implement the best email system for your organization.
Network Design, Setup and Maintenance
Over the last two plus decades, Point and Click has setup and still maintains hundreds of network systems for clients of various sizes in many different industries
Office365 Implementation
Many companies prefer Office365 for the ease of implementation of the Microsoft Office suite with cloud based email hosting. Point & Click has been delivering Office365 solutions since Office365 first was introduced.
Server and Desktop Support
Point & Click’s American based support team can quickly and remotely solve 99% of all your server and desktop problems. We have been a part of the forefront of remote servicing for over a decade and strive to provide the best support service in the shortest amount of time.

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1767 Central Park Ave
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Point and Click, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the advent of PCs first being rolled out to employees’ desks. We have been servicing the tri-state area for over 22 years and we provide IT services second to none.

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